If you are looking for just another company in the cleaning and hygiene business, you are in the wrong website. Because here in Puressence, since our first day back in 2009, we put forth our best effort not to be the ordinary company you are expecting.This pursuit, which is our vision and our promise as well, we have label it : It's more than cleaning.

The starting point for our philisophy is this: Cleaning and hygiene in a professional level are procedures that are very significant- and in some industries with standards regulated by the law. At the same time, the are cost pools, and many of these costs are well hidden and hence difficult to manage. What is the real role of the supplier that cares for more that just selling the products? To drastically reduce the cost of overall cleaning, without changing at all the quality of the result. This is Puressence's field of expertise.

We have seeked and found brand that are well established globally in the industry, representing themselves- and through their products- this "More than cleaning" culture- like Vileda Professional, Kiehl Group and Hygiene Vision.  We also developped our own line of fragrances, customized to the specific needs and settings of mediterranean countries. We have also designed a series of tools and supportive services tailored to the demands of our customers in order to secure that what we propose to the market is not only of superior quality, but also contributes drastically in cost reduction and ultimately better profitability.

With a long list of loyal and satisfied customers and successful case studies in our toolkit, we can be very confident when we state that Puressence keeps the promise to give More than Cleaning.



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