Washroom cleaning and disinfection

Activ – Duft

Activ – Duft Highly effective aromatic oil with long-lasting effect. Eliminates unpleasant odours and leaves a fresh and pleasant aroma in sanitary areas. 

Desisan Konzentrat

Desisan KonzentratLiquid disinfectant cleaner for sanitary facilities, acid-free and chlorine free, compatible with the requirements of the German Institute for Hygiene and Microbiology (CGHM). Thanks to the packaging and its composition, and its cleaning properties, is extremely economical and effective.

Duocit- Eco

Duocit- EcoSanitary cleaner with long lasting orange fragrance. For the quick removal of lime scale and cosmetics residues in wet areas. With regular application, Duocit-eco prevents the formation of new lime scale while preserving the material. Thanks to the eco-friendly formulation, Duocit-eco has received the European Union Eco-Label.


Fiora-parfum Concentrated air freshener for toilets


OpysatHighly effective viscous hand wash lotion with skin care components. Gently cleans and protects the skin. Compatible for all soap dispensers.


PatronalHighly effective, intensive sanitary cleaner designed for the fast removal of lime scale and adherent dirt. Long-lasting fresh fragrance. If used as prescribed, Patronal-Classic preserves the material and leaves a water-repellent protective film. The protective formula reduces the adhesion of lime scale and dirt and avoids the corrosion of chromium-plated fittings.


PinosetConcentrated air freshener for sanitary areas, with pine aroma, based on essential oils that lasts.


PowerfixReactive salts solvent, highly effective. Dissolves inorganic pollutants such as cement, salt and urinary stone, suitable for surfaces and objects resistant to acids, waterproof, for swimming pools and sanitation facilities.


Powerfix-GelPowerful toilet cleaner, which contains phosphoric acid and removes lime scale deposits from toilet bowls and urinals. The high viscosity of the product allows for an extended reaction time. As a result, even stubborn deposits are removed thoroughly.

SanEco Konzentrat

SanEco Konzentrat Sanitary routine cleaner with fast-acting cleaning agents and long-lasting fresh fragrance for the quick removal of lime scale and adherent dirt. The water-repellent effect reliably prevents the new formation of lime scale on cleaned surfaces, and the novel combination of acids guarantees excellent cleaning 
results. Thanks to the eco-friendly formulation, Kiehl-SanEco Concentrate has received the European Union Eco-Label.


SanikalNon-acid and chlorine-free sanitary cleaner designed for use on all water-resistant surfaces and objects in sanitary areas. For the daily removal of lime scale and soap scum as well as grease and oil. Surfaces treated with Sanikal become water and dirt repellent. Long-lasting fresh fragrance. Sanikal corresponds to the recommendations of fitting manufacturers.


Sanpurid-Citro Sanitary cleaner with lemon fragrance.


Sanpurid-ClassicSanitary cleaner with surface protection.


SantexIntensive sanitary cleaner.


Santex-plusSanitary descaler and swimming pool detergent.

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