Cleaning Products by Kiehl GmBH

Our approach to cleaning products is on the same wavelength as to cleaning equipment. We believe that there is not such thing as good and bad products, but only good and bad users. In practice, this means that every cleaning product has some qualities and some circumstances under which it is performing best.- circumstances related to the dosing and the dissolving. What we are called to do, as consultants to our customers, is to help them select the proper products for their specific needs and to thouroughly train the cleaning staff to use them properly. And one more thing: All the above are always undetaken in a way that secures real economy and drastic cleaning cost reduction.

The safeguard for success comes directly from Germany, from Kiehl Gmbh, one of the global leaders in cleaning products. Based on dosing control and designed to carry through every possible challenge, Kiehl do credit to us and our customers, every time.

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