Personal Hygiene for hands and body



















Hair and Body

Luxurious foam for hair and body, an All-In-One product for maximum econy. The Hair And Body of Hygiene Vision is very popular in hotels, gyms and relevant areas, because while giving a relaxing, fulfilling shower experience, it remains very cost effective, thanks to the foamy composition.

Hand Sanitizer

Hygiene Vision Hand Sanitizer effectively sanitizes hands, providing a way to keep hands clean and free of harmful germs when there is no soap, water or hand towels available, or as supplementary hand hygiene.

This is a highly effective alcohol-based formulation that also contains moisturizers so that hands are left soft, moisturized and germ-free With the revolutionary spray dispenser, it controls use while satifying all users.

Foam Soap

A most luxurious foaming soap that’s popular with washroom users – a little goes a very long way.Our high quality Foam Hand Wash will encourage better hand hygiene because it one dose is enough to cover the hands thoroughly.Available in two formulations and a choice of refill sizes:Luxury Foam Wash for frequent hand washing - Ecolabel has been awarded to Luxury Foam Wash Vision400 & Vision2000+ non perfumed refills. Antibacterial Foam Wash for added germ protection

Soap Dispensers

Hygiene Vision soap dispensers' range- including the innovative Shuffle system- is the epitomy of simpicity and great performance. Delicate and discrete, they are designed to aesthetically enhance the surroundings, while controlling costs with their manual or automatic functions.

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