Paper Products

No Touch Paper Dispenser

No touch paper dispensers are the response to the customers' demand for better hygiene and protection, as they minimize the contact with surfaces and equipment were viruses reside. At the same time, they release one paper sheet at a time, reducing drastically the consumption. When combined with the high quality paper of Puressence's selection, they minimize the cost of paper purchases, in any industry and any area. 


Smart Paper Dispensers

Smart"40% less paper compared to the usual paper dispensers": If this statement is not good enough for the price sensitive buyer, the nothing will be. Smart paper dispensers are designed to release one paper sheet at a time, dramatically reducing consumption and its cost.

Wall mounted paper dispensers

Classic and popular, the wall mounted interfold dispensers are a safe choice thanks to their multi-functionality. They can be used in offices, public areas, kitchens and washrooms, while they are easy to use and very cost effective. The ones selected from our team are extra durable and they release one napkin per time, drastically contributing to the control of costs. 

Toilet Paper Dispensers

ToiletRollPaperAfter closely studying our customers cost structure we realized that toilet papers are a significant "hidden" cost, mostly because no one pays enough attention to them. When comparing the consumption when professional dispensers are used- versus the common ones- the result is stunning: the overall spending is less than half in all cases where consumption controlling dispensers are in use. Puressence's product range features a wide selection in types, materials and colours, while maintaining a high status of quality and value for money.


Kitchen Roll Dispensers

Although most of kitchen roll dispensers look alike, they are not. Designed to control consumption, kitchen roll dispensers can become a significant factor of economy and good performance in the kitchen. But, they have to be durable, designed for heavy use, and competitively priced, otherwise they fail in their cost controlling role. Needless to say that in our range you can find only those dispensers with a 3 out of 3 score!

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