Washroom cleaning and hygiene

Seat and Surface Sanitizer

Lately, seat and surface hygiene products have become a must, at least for every business that takes hygiene seriously.Powerful alcohol-based foam cleaning formulation gives the best protection by being effective against germs and viruses that may be lurking on toilet seats or touchable surfaces such as flush handles and cubicle door locks and handles.Even the cleanest-looking surfaces can harbor germs and bacteria. The easy to use Seat Sanitizer allows washroom users to clean and sanitize toilet seats and other surfaces, like flush handles and cubicle door locks and handles, before touching.

Biogene Cleaner and Deodorizer

Keep toilets and urinals clean, hygienic and odour-free 24-hours a day with Biogiene Cleaner & Deodorizer.

Biogiene gives great cleaning performance you can rely on. Its biological formulation breaks down uric scale build-up while its long lasted foam action lifts stains, prevents blockages and keeps pipes free-flowing and gives visible proof that the toilet or urinal is clean and safe to use. .


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