Windows Cleaning

Windows cleaning can be a very demanding and gruelling task, with high requirements in time and effort- all the above put in numbers make it a very expensive process. Unless you adopt the complete Evolution System by Vileda Professional, the innovation that revolutionized ergonomy, saving time, effort and water for you.

Evolution Washers

VrechtiresLet the sunshine in! Dirty windows are a nuisance to every business – whether it is offices, shops or institutions. The Evolution window cleaning system has what it takes to clean every window effectively in shortest possible time. The design, ergonomic advantages and material makes it a system that will do its job well - long into the future. Look forward to the flexibility to fulfil every window-cleaning purpose, where the easy to use 4-in-1 multi-position handle delivers a more effective and ergonomic method of accessing and cleaning windows.

Evolution Safety Scraper

XystraR- Evolutionary safety for this tool that reduces the risk of hand cuts, while removing dirt from the most difficult spots. The easy to use slide-out mechanism, retracts when not in use, making this scraper a champion in efficiency.

Evolution System

Window cleaning is a demanding task, reserving lots of time and attention, and, when put in numbers, all the above can make it a very expensive duty. Unless you use the Vileda Professional "Evolution" system, the solution that revolutionized ergonomics, saving time, effort and of course, water.

Window Wiper

WipersThanks to their design for high performace window cleaning, the Vileda Professional Evolution system wipers are extremely durable, while delivering superior cleaning results, leaving no residues or marks. They have a standard 30o inclination for easier cleaning, and they can be used straight of swivelled, to reach the most difficult areas.

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