Professional Scenting

When less than a decade ago marketing researchers presented solid evidence for the effectivness of scent as a marketing tool, we had already established our premise: The scope of professional scenting is not (only) to subtrack the odours but to add value to the place, the brand and the company. Let's put it simple: If you enter to a room that smells likes chocolate, don''t you find it very possible to crave for something sweet? If this incident happens on a cafeteria that has just introduced a new deserts menu could there really be a better promotion for it?

By the same token, similar cause and effect combinations can be found for all places and occassions- the neuroscientists had done excellent job on this. What we do, in Puressence, it to translate your needs and objectives to scent notes and make sure that the result will be... Intoxicating!

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