Floor Cleaning


SpillEx is a disposable super absorbing floor cloth designed for fast spill removal of a wide range of water based liquids from hard floors e.g. blood in operation theatres, urine in elderly homes or to quickly remove soft drink spillages that may cause a slip risk in restaurants or supermarkets. SpillEx, the super absorbent spill remover ensures fast, safe removal of liquids before actual floor mopping takes place.

Vertical Mopping

Vileda ProfessionalVileda managed to add value even in the ordinary process of "traditional" floor cleaning, the vertical mopping. Depending on the needs of each area, you can select among a wide range of different mops- wettex, microcott, supermop- and combine them with extra durable buckets or professional trolleys. If there is a sollution, rest assure that Vileda Professional has already found it!

Durable Dust Mopping

Ξεσκόνισμα Dustmoping reduces the frequency of more expensive and time-consuming wet mopping methods by reducing the frequency of wet mopping. The process itself is extremely fast as floors are left dry, which means floors can be walked on immediately after mopping. Also mops are very light and ready to use immediately. No additional chemicals are required as part of the cleaning process, which saves on both costs and environment.

Spray Pro

SprayProSprayPro is the professional, ready-to-use floor cleaning system containing all you need for bucket free mopping. Just fill the handle with water and you have everything you need to clean hard flooring and staircases in one easy-to-use unit. Designed to work with all Vileda Professional mopping systems it easily adapts to your needs, whatever the cleaning task or on-site conditions. It is so easy to use that it requires no training. Simply fill the handle with water/solution, close the cap and you’re ready to clean. To add more water to the floor just pull the trigger and continue mopping. This simplicity makes it ideal for use by professional and semi-professional cleaners. SprayPro is a self-contained unit so there is no need for time consuming wringing of mops or filling and emptying heavy buckets with water. Also its small size makes it ideal where  lack of storage space is an issue.


Swep Duo System

SwepDuoSwep Duo is the double sided pre-prepared mop system, allowing you to clean twice the area with each mop without compromising quality. Plus you only need to purchase and launder half the number of pre-prepared mops – reducing your initial investment and the costs associated with laundry.



Ultraspeed UltraSpeed is the complete wet flat mopping system that combines intensive microfibre cleaning with a revolutionary high performance press. UltraSpeed is a new, easy to use, modular floor cleaning system with a revolutionary press. With the new press you're able to achieve better press results. Cleaned floors are getting dry faster and can be used after a short time. The system features with low cost, light weight materials, fast and effective press, durability and several mops for different applications.

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