Synonumous to ergonomy and innovation, Vileda Professional has changed everything we used to know about professional cleaning. Experienced in the most demanding premises around the globe and empowered by one of the best organized R'n'D departments, all the cleaning systems introduced by Vileda Professional guarantee excellent cleaning results, while enabling the user to work better and therefore sparing valuable resources in multiple ways. This new philosophy that upgrades cleaning to a strategic matter- since it is directly related to the profitability and customer satisfaction- the productivity and efficiency of the personnel grows drastically, costs are controlled and the final outcome is outstanding, every time.


German superiority, even under the most demaning circumstances. This is the best description for Kiehl GmBH products, covering the entire spectrum of cleaning and disinfection, from daily housekeeping to O.R. and industrial cleaning. Their powerful formulas have been tested repeatedly in different contexts and materials but also on multiple water hardness experiments. They have also been adjusted to the HACCP protocols and other regulations, so that no only will these products be suitable and compatible to your needs but -and foremost- they will secure supreme cleanliness and disinfection.

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